[CAREER HACKING] IS The Easiest and Most Effective Way to

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  • Proven Technique ANYONE can use to REDUCE the Job Hunting Process by 75% or More
  • Discover WHY Online Job Boards are Costing you THOUSANDS of Dollars a Year and How to Fix it.
  • An Uncommon Interview Technique That Can Increase the Number of Job Offers by 400% or More!

  • The ONE THING You Can Do for 30-Minutes a Day to Get Paid What You Deserve!

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Discover a Simple 3-Step System to Get 3X the Interviews and Job WITHOUT Relying on Resumes or Online Job Boards…

Welcome to Career Hacking, where we help people by [Rethinking] the job hunt and career development process to land a job they LOVE and get paid what they DESERVE.

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[FREE VIDEO TRAINING] Invest 10-minutes of your time as Michelle Huo, the founder of Wando International takes you through a free video training on the modern day job hunt to show you a 4-step method on how to get a stream of interviews and job offers WITHOUT relying on resume, cover letters or online job boards.

The 4-Step Job Hunt Method:

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I created [Career Hacking] to take you through a process that took me YEARS to create, in a just matter of weeks.

This program is so much more than just landing your dream job.

It’s about being a parent who can provide for your family, or a person who wants to makes positive change in the world (and inspiring others to do the same).

It’s about becoming the successful, empowered, confident person you know you were meant to be.

Here’s the deal: confidence comes from knowledge and experience.

Every day I see highly competent people lose confidence in themselves because they don’t know how thrive in today’s job market.

I’m here to help you fix that.

[Career Hacking] is an advanced training and coaching program (with automation software included) that will help you:

  • Master the Modern day Job Hunt to Get 15+ job offers each month WITHOUT applying to online job boards or submitting a single resume automation software
  • “Rethink” your approach to the career development process to land a job you LOVE and get paid what you DESERVE.
  • Identify a career framework that will provide you with a clear path to your career goal.
  • Identify the In-Demand Skills that you have or can easily develop to position yourself as an indispensable part of the company.
  • Identify High-Growth companies with job opportunities that require your skills and experience…where you’ll be a valued and appreciated
  • Setup a simple Digital Branding Platform in less than 1-Hour to establish more Authority and Credibility than ANY resume
  • Master the interview process by creating the ideal conditions to increase your chances to get hired and maximize your pay.

[Career HackingIs Based on an Easy to Follow 3-Step System 

First, we help you  [CREATE] “The Ultimate Gameplan” for your career development that will position you as a leader in high growth job markets with the greatest number of careers opportunities that meet or exceed that standard cost of living.

Our 4-step framework will allow you to know exactly…

HOW to land the job you’ll love and get paid what you deserve WITHOUT applying to online job boards.
to target within companies in High Growth job markets that has the greatest influence to get you hired.

WHAT marketable and In-demand skills you have or can quickly develop that will make you an asset in ANY organization.
WHERE you can quickly connect with hundreds of the actual decision makers in High Growth markets so you never have to WASTE your time attending another networking event.

From there we help you quickly and easily [BUILD]  a “Digital Branding Platform” to establish more authority & credibility than you could with a resume and cover letter.

This allows you become a true resource and a leader in the eyes of prospective Hiring Managers and Business Owners, who will quickly get to know, like, and trust you. You’ll learn how to use a number of career hacks to make this easily doable in your career development, in only a few minutes a day.

 Finally, we will show you how to setup a “Perpetual Networking System” to leverage your positioning and the authority in the job market to [CONNECT] in a warm, personal way with hundreds or thousands of influencers and decision makers at companies you want to work at.

When you utilize our systematic messaging and email campaigns, you’ve got PROVEN method that allows you to build strategic relationships with the EXACT people you want to be talking to and generate a consistent stream of interviews and job offers.

AND…We’ll Show you How to Leverage our Proprietary Software [The Accelerator] that Takes all the Heavy Lifting Off Your Shoulders…

Let us show you how to [AUTOMATE] your professional networking process in such a way that you can build authentic relationship with HUNDREDS of decision makers at companies you admire WITH career opportunities you want…in LESS than 30-minutes a day!

Leverage today’s technology to save you time, while keeping your communication warm and personal.

Our 21st Century Career Coaches will help you apply best practices for sending 1-to-1 personalized messages…by the hundreds!

These emails will look like you personally wrote each email. And because of that, your emails get opened. Hiring managers and business owners will never know that you’re using our automation software to send hundreds of these messages every day…with just a click of a button.

What would normally take you 30-40  hours a month now just takes a few minutes.

Our clients who utilize this email strategy, in addition to the rest of the system, generate a flood of interviews and job offers.


  • Less than 10% of your email recipients will respond to your initial email
  • Increase your response rate by 35% just by sending 1 follow-up email
  • Maximize your response rate by up to 95%  when you send up to 4 follow-up emails.


I have spent years creating and perfecting [Career Hacking], through my own experience, research and working with thousands of clients living in the worst conditions imaginable from LA’s Skid Row to the slums of Uganda. As long as you are committed (and do the work), this program will absolutely help you get results… Which is why I happily offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t think this program is of high-quality, we will refund you 100% of your money within 30 days!

Over the past 10 years, Michelle has made it her life’s work to help the world’s most vulnerable people, from the streets of Skid Row to the slums of Uganda. Her use of unconventional strategies, tactics and tools, affectionately referred to as “Career Hacks”, empowered the most vulnerable people to thrive…fast.

Career Hacking is a simple process that ANYONE can follow to thrive in today’s global job market.

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