How it All Started…

2008-2012: Urban Connection – Skid Row

In 2008, my family and I started Urban Connection, a Non-Profit organization working with those experiencing homelessness in a section of Downtown Los Angeles know as Skid Row. The U.S. first 3rd world city.

We rented a 15,000 sq ft facility, where we helped connect thousands to resources to help them with housing, healthcare, and employment. For those willing to work with limited education and work experience, we created a Career Incubation program that would help them quickly develop the skills needed to lift themselves out of poverty. It was a blessing to see so many who were once homeless become productive members of society, start families, and buy Homes!

In 2010, because of the work we were doing in Skid Row, we were asked by an orphanage in Uganda to advise them on sustainability programs.

2013-Present: Wando International

Because of the level of poverty we witnessed in the slums of Uganda, my family and I started Wando International, a non-profit organization helping those living in Extreme Poverty. We built a primary school, an orphanage, and started a vocational program for vulnerable women. This program empowers them with the skills needed to overcome poverty and become self-sufficient.

Today we have over 25 Children in our orphanage, 60 women in our vocational training program and over 300 children enrolled in our primary school.

A Message from Michelle

Over the past 10 years my family and I have dedicated our lives to help those in need.  We started organizations to work with the homeless in Skid Row and vulnerable women & children in the slums of Uganda.  During this time I came face to face with how broken the education system is in our country and abroad.

Many who live in a cycle of poverty believe their only escape from poverty is a $100,000+ college degree. A degree most can’t afford financially, but neither can they afford the time away from work to put food on the table or  time away from their family.  They believe that without a degree they’ll have accept low paying, dead-end jobs and live in constant fear of getting laid-off or fired.

Career Hacking was created to provide anyone to develop in-demand skills that employers want, in a fraction of time and debt-free!

EVERYONE has the right to be excited to go to work each day and come home each night fulfilled by the work they do.

We are committed to investing in those who are willing to invest in themselves.

From my family to yours, welcome to Career Hacking!


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