Can I delay repayment on my existing student loans while enrolled at Career Hacking?2017-07-09T16:49:49+00:00

The terms of a student loan differ so you will need to contact the student loan organization to determine this. However, if you have federal student loans you can enroll in an income-driven repayment plan that would not require a monthly payment if you are making less than $15,000 annually.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has created a very informative and interactive tool to help borrowers learn more about income-driven repayment plans. All eligible federal student loan borrowers can always enroll in an income-driven repayment plan and then freely switch plans at any point thereafter. Please visit their website here for more details.

What kind of jobs will I get with program?2017-07-09T16:51:02+00:00

At Career Hacking, we help you develop & master in-demand skills that all organizations in high growth markets need in any industry. We help prepare you for organizational development jobs that help in the areas of creating brand awareness, acquisitions and performance optimization.


How is the Career Hacking Program structured?2017-07-09T16:50:56+00:00
  • Our program requires your participation as a full-time student, but the time commitment will allow you to hold a separate part-time job if you choose.
  • Your instructors will be industry experts and leading practitioners.
  • 80% of time will be on exercises and projects with actual companies where you have the opportunity to gain practical experience and receive compensation .
  • 20% of time learning the skills & best practices required to complete assigned exercises projects.
  • Live virtual classroom sessions several times per week.
  • Team-based Project environment
  • Social & Project meetups organized to have fun, develop your soft skills and build your professional network.
What are the skill sets I’ll learn in this program?2017-07-09T16:51:31+00:00

Career Hacking focuses on help you master the relevant hard and soft skills needed to thrive in any organization in a high growth market Some of the hard skills include social media management, content development, data analysis, public speaking and eCommerce management. Soft skills include persuasive communication, giving and receiving feedback, time management, critical problem solving and team dynamics.

Do I owe anything if I quit the program early?2017-07-09T16:51:25+00:00

No, if you decide to leave the program early for any reason you will not owe anything. However, you leave early, you may forfeit any income owed by our Hiring Partner.

How does your tuition agreement work?2017-07-09T16:51:42+00:00

Our tuition is paid once we help you reach an annual salary of $32,000 or more with one of our Hiring Partners. Once your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly earning is on track to earn $32,000 or more you’ll be deducted 10% of your salary for the first 3 years (36 non-consecutive months). If you do not reach $32,000 in annualized income from our Hiring Partners, you are absolved from the agreement entirely and owe nothing.

Can I apply if I’m from outside f the United States?2017-07-09T16:52:18+00:00

Absolutely! However, you must be able to communicate effectively in with your Success Partner and our Hiring Partner. Our program is currently in English and all students are required to complete assignments that require you to have a strong grasp of the English language.

Can I reapply if I wasn’t previously not admitted?2017-07-09T16:51:50+00:00

Yes. Applicants are welcome to reapply if they were not admitted from a previous application period.

Can I apply if I already have a college degree?2017-07-09T16:51:58+00:00

Career Hacking is a program focused on empowering motivated and ambitious people to launch into a high paying career fast without a degree. While our program is designed for to those who do not have a college degree, all are welcome to apply.

What is the application process like?2017-07-09T16:52:08+00:00

There are 2 stages in our application process:

  1. Tell Us About Yourself- Short online questionnaire to help us understand your current goals & challenges.
  2. Individual Interview- Talk to a member of our admissions team to determine if this program is a good fit.

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