• The “Master Certification Program”  ($9,997)

  • Dedicated Implementation Specialist ($1,997)

  • Non-Profit Matching Service ($1,297)

  • Grant Application Service ($1,297)

  • Everyday Price: $19,597

  • Monthly Administration Fee: $30.00

  • Your Savings Today: $5293


YES! I’d like to Apply for Career Hacking’s Incubator Program to Launch a New Career. I understand this is a Grant Supported Program.  Grant availability is on a first come, first serve basis. Acceptance into program is confirmed 24-Hours after enrollment.

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“I was living on the streets of downtown LA’s Skid Row for 7 years. Organizations provided me with food and resources that allowed me to survive. Michelle Huo and her family invested time to equip me with the skills and mindset I needed to lift myself out of poverty. Today I am living in Oklahoma, gainfully employed and was able to finally purchase my very own home! Thanks to Career Hacking I’m able to survive AND thrive!”

Paul C, Enid Oklahoma

“I was sick and tired of being moving from one dead-end job to another. I knew there was something better out there for me in the world. I wanted a new career, I wanted to provide the life my family deserved and I finally found Michelle Huo’s Career Hacking course an became a Career Hacker. Fast forward 5 months later, I’m earning over $40 an hour and working in 3 different states; California, Illinois, & Florida! “

Jaiden T, Phoenix Arizona

“I was working as a barista for over 7 years. I wanted to make a career change to be able to make an impact in the world. I was introduced to Michelle and Career Hacking. Fast forward a 12 months laster, I am no longer a barista. I make more money.  Traveled to Africa and Dubai! Experiencing GREAT coffee everywhere I go!”

Elizabeth L, Covina California