Start Working with one of our High Growth Hiring Partners to Develop In-Demand Skills as you Learn it!

We offer 8 Mastery Classes every organization needs to thrive in today’s Digital Marketplace!

How It Works

STAGE 1: The Foundation

Your Success Partner will introduce you to the 8 essential In-Demand skills that are in High Demand in any 21st century job.

STAGE 2: Discovery

Your Success Partner will prepare roadmap to success through a process of self-discovery that will reveal the optimized path for your career ahead.

STAGE 3: Team Work

Master 1 of the 8 essential in-demand skills in a team environment that supports your long-term goals.

STAGE 4: Work Experience NOW!

With Career Hacking you gain work experience AND get paid, while you are learning!

Our Digital Advocacy Courses are Designed For…

Managers Love CareerHacking

One of the main reasons good people leave organizations, regardless of the cause, is because they feel they’re ineffective or have no direction.

Most Non-Profit organizations don’t have the resources to hire someone to truly experienced to lead their Digital Advocacy teams. How can you lead people in something you don’t know anything about?

With DigitalAdvocatePRO we can provide your team with the on the job training they need to stay productive and make an impact!

Executive’s Love DigitalAdvocatePRO

As an executive, hiring a new Digital Advocacy team members is an extremely important aspect of your job. However, how do you hire anyone for something you know absolutely nothing about?

You need an expert. This is where we at DigitalAdvocatePRO can help. Not only can we help you find your ideal candidate, but we can also get them properly trained! Our trainers will not only train them, but will help them implement what they learned!

Founders and Board Members’s Love CareerHacking

As the founder or a member of the board, you likely have too much on your plate to learn how to use Digital Advocacy to raise awareness, engage with your constituents and increase giving.

It’s so important to have a well-trained team of Digital Advocates equipped to handle that for you. A team whose is aligned with your goals to make an impact for your cause!

Professional Digital Advocates LOVE CareerHacking

If you’re a or looking to become professional Digital Advocate, you can take our courses and learn the skills all organizations NEED to raise awareness, attract supporters and increase giving.

If you’re just getting started, we can match you with an organization that supports a cause you believe in. This will allow you to apply what you learn from us to a cause you believe in, while developing practical experience in this new and exciting field!

Build the Ultimate Digital Advocacy Team!

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