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  • Discover WHY Online Job Boards are Costing you THOUSANDS of Dollars a Year and How to Fix it.
  • An Uncommon Interview Technique That Can Increase the Number of Job Offers by 400% or More!
  • The ONE THING You Can Do for 30-Minutes a Day to Get Paid What You Deserve!
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“A simple process ANYONE can follow to land a job they love and get paid what they deserve” – Michelle Huo

Laid-Off or Fired? Quickly Transition Back into the Workforce… (…while AVOIDING low paying jobs with no room for advancement)

If you’re here with me today, you’ve been referred to us by one of our Workforce Development partners because you’ve recently been laid-off or fired and you need help to quickly transition back into the workforce, while AVOIDING costly mistakes, like applying to online job boards or accepting low paying jobs with no future.

[Career Hacking] is an advanced training and coaching program that ANYONE can use to start getting job offers WITHOUT wasting time on resumes and online job boards.

Welcome to Career Hacking! My name is Michelle Huo and for over a decade, I’ve made it my life’s work with people from all around the world living in the worst conditions imaginable. People like you and like me, who just want career that pays enough money to provide for our family and impact the world in our own little way.

From downtown LA’s Skid Row to the slums of Uganda I’ve been able to help people living in extreme poverty use a number of [Career Hacks] to lift themselves out of poverty…FAST!

You may not be living on the streets of Skid Row or in the slums of Uganda, but like them, you want a career where you can do more than just survive…but THRIVE!

After working with thousands of people from all over the world, I’ve taken all the shortcuts, strategies, resources and tools I used over the past 10 years to create a system known as [Career Hacking].

I created [Career Hacking] to take you through a process that took me YEARS to create, in a just matter of weeks.

Career Hacking is NOT just another “Career Coaching” program.

It’s NOT about creating a resume to get noticed by hiring managers – yet the career hacks I’m going to share will get you exponentially MORE interviews than you could ever want.

And It’s NOT about preparing you for a job interview – yet the career hacks I’m going to share will get you MORE job offers than you could even hope for.

Career Hacking is A SHORTCUT.

Every day I see highly competent people lose confidence in themselves because they don’t know how thrive in today’s job market.

I’m here to help you fix that.

[Career HackingIs Based on an Easy to Follow 3-Step System 

First, we help you  [CREATE]  “The Ultimate Gameplan” for your career development so that know exactly…

HOW achieve your career goals in fraction of the time.
companies to target with the job opportunities you want.

WHO you need connect within the companies that can influence the decision makers to hire you.
WHERE you can focus your job search to get a steady stream of interviews and job offers…ON-DEMAND.

From there we help you quickly and easily [BUILD]  a “Digital Branding Platform” to establish more authority & credibility than you could with a resume and cover letter.

We’ll show you how to position yourself in the job market a true resource and a leader in the eyes of prospective Hiring Managers and Business Owners.

 Finally, we will show you how to setup a “Perpetual Networking System” to [CONNECT]  hundreds or thousands of influencers and decision makers at companies you want to work at.

When you utilize our systematic messaging and email campaigns, you’ve got PROVEN method that allows you to build strategic relationships with the EXACT people you want to be talking to and generate a consistent stream of interviews and job offers.

AND…We’ll Show you How to Leverage our Proprietary Software [The Accelerator] that Takes all the Heavy Lifting Off Your Shoulders…

Let us show you how to [AUTOMATE] your professional networking process in such a way that you can build authentic relationship with HUNDREDS of decision makers at companies you admire WITH career opportunities you want…in LESS than 30-minutes a day!

Leverage today’s technology to save you time, while keeping your communication warm and personal.

Your dedicated performance coach will help you apply best practices for sending 1-to-1 personalized messages…by the hundreds!

We’ve created an easy-to-use, but powerful email delivery platform, powered by Google.  And because of that, your emails get opened. Hiring managers and business owners will never know that you’re using our automation software to send hundreds of these messages every day…with just a click of a button.

What would normally take you 30-40  hours a month now just takes a few minutes.

Our clients who utilize this email strategy, in addition to the rest of the system, generate a flood of interviews and job offers.


  • Less than 10% of your email recipients will respond to your initial email
  • Increase your response rate by 35% just by sending 1 follow-up email
  • Maximize your response rate by up to 95%  when you send up to 4 follow-up emails.
  • Unlimited Access to Career Coaches

  • Access to Online Training Suite
  • Private Online Community

  • Live Office Hours Monday-Friday
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No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time, 100% risk free.

I have spent years creating and perfecting [Career Hacking], through my own experience, research and working with thousands of clients living in the worst conditions imaginable from LA’s Skid Row to the slums of Uganda. As long as you are committed (and do the work), this program will absolutely help you get results… Which is why I happily offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t think this program is of high-quality, we will refund you 100% of your money within 30 days!