The Ultimate Gameplan
Creating The Ultimate Gameplan is like setting up a basecamp to help you get acclimated to today’s job market so you don’t have to struggle to survive.
Module 1 Getting Started [Survival Guide]

Start here to define your long term vision and goals, while also drilling down to the one thing you should be doing right now to ascend to the top of your field.

Lesson 1 Discover HOW Today's Job Market Has Changed
Lesson 2 5-Key Shifts ANYONE Can Make to Land a 6-Figure Job
Lesson 3 The Career Hacker's Roadmap
Lesson 4 Creating the Ultimate Gameplan
Lesson 5 Strategy Session: How to Launch and Grow Your Career
Lesson 6 Strategy Session: How to Increase Your Pay
Lesson 7 Strategy Session: How to Advance Your Career
Lesson 8 Momentum
Module 2 Target Identificaiton [Field Guide]

The Field Guide course will ensure that you find the ideal market to launch and grow your career. . Learn how to target the right compamy and solve the right problem in a way that fits your skills and experience. This will help save you a ton of time and money and help everything else fall in place.

There are no units in this module.
Module 3 Branding Assets [21st Century Tools]

Your Brand Assets are a way to help you stand out to potential employers as a specialist, instead of a commodity to help you get 2-3x more interviews.

There are no units in this module.
Module 4 Action Plans

Your Action Plans will provide you with a step-by-step process to help you systematically and predictably advance your career as you ascend to the top of your field.

There are no units in this module.